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We’ve all been there – one tiny, inadvertent knock and the full glass of red wine goes flying over the cream carpet. A dinner party is the usual culprit; over-enthusiastic hosts or clumsy guests. Whatever the cause, it’s imperative that you act quickly to treat the stain because the longer you leave it, the worse it gets. Luckily there are several home remedies for carpet cleaning available to help you get rid of that stain immediately.
Step one is to blot the liquid as soon as possible. Use a towel, paper towel or clean cloth and literally soak up as much as you can. Whatever you do, don’t scrub at the carpet or rub hard because this will only cause the wine to penetrate further into the carpet fibres and worsen the stain. Think light-handed dabbing. It may seem more ineffectual but you will actually be preserving your carpet. If this disaster happens to occur whilst you are unable to attend to it immediately then the most effective thing that you can do is to pour salt onto it. This will draw out and absorb the wine. Then it can be vacuumed off later. If you don’t happen to have a significant spare amount of salt then baking soda is also an option. Again, apply to the affected area and allow it to soak up as much excess moisture as possible and then vacuum.
How to clean a red wine stain out of a carpet effectively using home remedies

It is viewed as an apocryphal method by some people, but the suggestion of pouring white wine on top of red wine also works to dilute and help remove the stain. However this needs to be done immediately for it to be effective. If you do not happen to have white wine available, then plain vodka will also work. It’s a bit of a boring thing to raid the drinks cabinet for though!
Another home/shop solution is to mix carpet shampoo together with hydrogen peroxide. In this instance you will need the appropriate amount of carpet shampoo and one cup of hydrogen peroxide. Take a clean sponge and soak it in the mixture. Then, very carefully, blot the carpet until the stain fades. This may take some time and repeated applications – but be patient! Then once the stain is removed, rinse the carpet with warm water, get a clean towel and gently dab it dry.
If none of the options above are available to you, then there is one final method that you may try. You will need white vinegar, washing up liquid and water. Hopefully these will be things which you ordinarily keep in the home. Mix 1/3 of a cup of white vinegar with 2/3 cup of water. Then saturate the red wine stain with the solution and blot with a clean towel or cloth. Paper towels also work, of course. Then take ¼ teaspoon of washing up liquid and four cups of water and mix together. Pour this solution onto the carpet and gently rub into the stain, continuing until it has gone.
Whichever method you choose to use in the event of a red wine spillage disaster, do remember to leave the area to dry once you have treated it and then vacuum over it the following day. This will assist in restoring the carpet fibres back to the way they should look. If you don’t choose the home remedies there are several carpet cleaners available in the shops and once you have used these and the carpet has dried, you can vacuum over it exactly the same way. With any luck your carpet will look like the stain never happened!

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by HeatherRoberts on Thursday July 10, 2014

There are a few issues to be found with domestic cleaning, and whilst everyone finds it boring, there will always be ways in which to solve these problems. One of the main issues with getting around the issues associated with cleaning, is that the subject matter is so boring that it can be hard to be bothered thinking about such things in the first place! A little help to get you off on the right track can therefore be incredibly useful, so it is well worth looking over the following ideas to see if anything strikes your interest. As with everything, everyone’s cleaning habits are different, so you need to assess whether things will work for you or not, as one idea may be perfect for some, and terrible for others!

Using some less than conventional cleaning methods to your own advantage

For a start, there are ways to get past the old boredom factor. Depending on what kind of person you are, there are great ways to distract yourself from the lack of interest that you have in the task at hand by creating interest in something else. For instance making a game out of the cleaning is a good idea, and can help you speed the whole thing up, especially if you are pretty competitive! Also try listening to music that you love, as it will transport you away from the drudgery of cleaning, and help you relax into the job, rather than fretting about when its all going to be over! The same goes for audio books, radio plays, documentaries and so on and so forth. All of these things are worth a try if you struggle with keeping your mind focussed on the boring cleaning!

Have a think about using old style methods, like simple soap and water to simplify the cleaning in your home, it may be a nice departure from worrying about the toxic chemicals in the cleaning products more commonly used. The same goes for the tools that you use. Getting back to basics and using old school materials for the cleaning can make things seem much more simple and less fussy. From your broom to your metal dustpan, its all good, solid stuff, that will last for years and years, keeping you safe in the knowledge that you are not contributing to the endless cycle of plastic production and dumping.

Other cleaning alternatives include making your own rags, that will keep you from chucking out disposable cloths all the time. If you have clothes that need to be thrown away, or towels that are passed comfortable use, why not cut them into the perfect sized cloths, for a supply that will last for ages! You can use them in conjunction with home made cleaning products like lemon and baking soda for cream cleaner, or water and vinegar for a surface cleaner. There are thousands of uses for these more natural ingredients around the home in a cleaning sense, and you will be able to find many of them on the net. For instance; squeeze half a lemon into a bowl of water, and put the lemon in the water as well. Microwave it for three minutes, and then you should find that the inside of the microwave is really easy to clean! This is because the acidity of the lemon is great for cutting through grease and the heating of the lemon and water means it is distributed around the microwave for you.

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by firespin on Wednesday July 09, 2014


Dubai’s future needs careful preparation and direction to ensure that the thriving economy continues, but also that they can act as responsible stewards of resources and our natural ecosystem. This is currently being developed and ecologically sound properties, and green initiatives are being woven into the material of this burgeoning international metropolis.

Sustainability Initiatives

What people think of Dubai as a power hungry nation with not much thought to the planet  has  been rapidly changing with the adoption of a string of sustainable building guidelines that all future developments will have to stick to yet in recent years. These guidelines were declared in 2007 purpose and by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to help reduce unnecessary use of water and electricity during construction and after completion. Properties are being designed carefully while mitigating solar gain to minimize the demand for air conditioning to optimize natural lighting. Solar energy plants are in planning phases and sustainability groups have succeeded in supporting a recycling system in the high-end areas. Many Dubai property companys have eco friendly buildings on the books now AAJ Property specialise in houses and apartments that are sustainability built.

Dubai Pearl

The Dubai Pearl

The Dubai Pearl

Dubai’s glory is in its enormous architectural accomplishments, and this goal of sustainable real estate is being done large with the strategies for the Dubai Pearl. The job is pictured as a city-within-a-city designed to support alternative modes of transport and responsible use of resources. The programmers are devoted to doing their best to use services and local materials possible, and carefully consider every outlay of resources. Residents and restaurants will have to compost, and in return will have the ability to appreciate the vast landscaped green zone which will constitute 35% of the total area.

Dubai BioTech



Dubai isn’t seeking to create sustainable building practices, but wants additionally to become a heart for development and sound company world-wide. The complex will be a free zone and will be home to any firm dedicated to creating a sustainable.

As Dubai recovers from the worldwide economic slowdown, once more will be resumed by its mega developments which were left on hold and be held to more rigorous sustainability guidelines. This city that sprang up Dubai has passed its first growth spurt and immediately will continue to work to maintain their stewardship of the natural environment will continue to stay a lavish destination where residents can be healthy and joyful for as long as the sun long

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by firespin on Monday June 16, 2014

Living in an eco-friendly home doesn’t mean you have to transform your pad into a tree house. Even if you are restricted to a tight budget, there are ways you can help to protect the environment. The smallest of changes can make a big difference and still save you cash. There is no better time than now for going green. You can reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing your comfort by following the 10 tips listed below.

10 Ways to Make an Eco Home

10 Ways to Make an Eco Home

1. Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Manufacturers in the UK have replaced the traditional incandescent light bulbs with energy saving, compact fluorescent, light bulbs. These new compact light bulbs are brighter, last longer and are available in a variety of sizes. Your savings can average around $4 (£2.50) a year per bulb by using the energy saving light bulbs throughout your home.

2. Save on Heat Cost

When the weather turns cold, you want your home to remain warm inside. A poorly insulated home loses much of its heat through the roof and the walls. Replace the old insulation with new and improved insulation to save on energy and reduce your heating bills.

3. Dispose of Rubbish the Green Way

You should always dispose of your waste the most environmentally friendly way you can. There are many ways such as recycling and compost that you need to be employing and for big clear-outs you should employ professionals who will be able to take all your rubbish at once. It is much better to employ rubbish removal companys like Clearabee than hiring Skips. Where I live skip hire in Stockport is common place but if you look at the two methods side by side it clear as to which is better for the environment and your pocket.

4. Fit Aerators to your Taps

Stop letting your hard earned money go down the drain. Reduce your water bill by fitting aerators to your taps. These energy saving gadgets work by mixing the water flow with air. Your taps will have a fuller flow, but less water usage. If you are replacing your old taps, buy new ones that are already fitted with aerators. To save even more on your water bill, replace your regular toilet with a low flow toilet that uses less water with each flush.

5. Solar Panels

Fit solar panels to your home to save on energy and lower your electrical bill. Solar panels work by harnessing the sun’s energy and converting it into electricity. Investing in solar panels can be expensive, so consider the benefits and possible savings before purchasing. Many homes come with solar panels installed these days if you are looking to get a new home so can get some great places here here with solar panels already a feature.

6. Draft Proof your Home

Cold air flowing through your home can quickly raise your energy bill. Draft proof your home by sealing off all door and windows where the cold air can come in from. You can easily find the supplies you need for sealing a home at all Do-It-Yourself stores.

7. Double Glazing

To help lower the cost of your heating bill, have your home fitted with double glazing. These are two layer glass windows with a spacer between the panes. They are sealed permanently together to keep the heat trapped inside your home.

8. Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

It’s easy to get in the habit of leaving the lights on even when you have left the room. This results in the usage of unnecessary energy and can quickly increase your electrical bill. By using motion sensor light bulbs, you can save on your energy bill. They will detect when no one is in the room and automatically turn off after a certain amount of time.

9. Composting

You can help to protect the environment by composting old food and table scraps. Purchase a recycling bin for fruits and vegetables that have become over ripe and toss in leftover foods from your meals. You can use this organic waste as compost for the plants in your garden.

10. Collect Rain Water

Every year the UK and US receive an abundance of rain. Instead of being an annoyance, the weather can be used to your advantage by helping to protect the environment and save on your water bill. Collect the rain in a water barrel, water butt or a rainwater tank that is attached to your external drainpipe. When the water butt is full, you can use the rain water you have collected to water your garden.

Just by making some of these changes, you can help to protect the environment while saving on your energy bill. To help more with your savings, search online for a Carbon Footprint Calculator.

How can this improve your Energy Performance Certificate when Selling your Home

In the UK today it is a legal requirement when you are selling or letting your home to have an energy performance certificate (EPC) carried out for the property to assess how energy efficient it is. Following these Steps will definitely go a long way to giving your home a better EPC rating. If you are selling or letting your home and are looking for an EPC provider why not visit My Online Estate Agent for a guide on how to chose the right one.

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by HeatherRoberts on Friday June 13, 2014

When you own outside space they are another part of your home to care of. For some people it can be a tedious task, for others it is a true passion and hobby. Gardens can really make a home. It is another area to use for relaxing in the sunshine and dining alfresco on warm summer evenings. Some serious gardeners reap the rewards of having a plot of garden to grow fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers. Gardens can be made to look outstanding with care and attention. But, on the other hand they can soon get out of control.

What the garden experts can do for your outside area

Gardening doesn’t have to be a chore. You can hire special gardening services to help with all or just part of the work if you don’t have time. On the other hand source the internet, and look for easy ideas on how to take care of your outside area. You may just need to invest in a few pieces of reliable equipment such as a new lawn mower, strimmer and various weeding tools to help keep the grass and weeds under control. These tools are ideal for making easy work of keeping lawns and borders under control. Investing in special weed control products may also help if you want to reduce. But, make sure you read the instructions carefully or seek some expert advice in how to use these types of chemicals as they can be very dangerous to children and pets.
Sometimes just having a clear out and disposing of the rubbish and waste is a start. If you have problems use a garden waste removals company to help with large loads. Then you can start to plan what you want to do next. If money isn’t a problem a good investment is to book an appointment with a landscape gardener who can supply stacks of advice on how to sort your outside space out to your advantage. For example if you have a busy lifestyle and have little time you will want an easy to care for backyard. Most people nowadays want a low maintenance garden that is easy to care for but still looks good.
Gardens are great places to enjoy for families with children and pets. They are a place to gather and enjoy the outdoors. You can do as much or as little work to a plot of land. Some people clear the grass and weeds using special weed control products to stop any new growth. Then you can cover with special garden fabric sold in garden centers, which prevents any more weeds growing, and finally either placing decorative stone chips, decking or paving stones that will completely cover the whole area. This only needs to be swept and washed down occasionally. You can decorate with garden furniture and potted plants if you want some extra colour.
You can keep it neatly grassed with a lawn, and hedged with shrubs, trees and flowers. Of course you will need to be a little knowledgeable on how to take care of the lawn, plants and flowers. You could turn your garden into a small vegetable plot where you can enjoy planting vegetables that will eventually end up on the kitchen table. There is nothing better than eating fresh produce grown in your own garden.
Gardening experts know all there is to know about the garden maintenance and have a wealth of knowledge on grass, flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. But you can also ask for advice from friends and family, check the internet, library or buy books that have plenty of information to guide you.

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